I have a genuine love of weddings and I go above and beyond to make every wedding the best it can be.

My wedding coordinating career began quite some time ago, before I even thought about weddings (at least beyond the typical girlhood fantasies).  I have always had a passion for live theater, which led me to a career as a stage manager—the person who oversees all the details of the show and makes sure things happen when they are supposed to.  Anytime one of my theater friends tied the knot, they asked me to “stage manage” their wedding, and thus my true passion was formed!

I coordinated my first professional wedding in April of 2011 and have worked non-stop since then. I have worked all kinds of weddings for all kinds of brides, and I love what I do. I specialize in day-of coordination (which not many coordinators do), but I also love working with a couple from the beginning stages of their planning and seeing things through until the very end. Take a look at my Services page for more detail.

I often hear from other vendors that I am the calmest planner they have ever worked with and that is one thing I bring to the table that many other coordinators do not. I have a ton of patience (I taught junior high for eight years) and no matter what is thrown at me on the day of a wedding, I handle it in a quiet and calm manner (because if I am calm, chances are, my couple will be calm too).  The most important thing to me is that my couple has the best day of their lives and I do whatever I can to make that happen.